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Choosing the right material is important to meet requirements of strength, finish, appearance and budget. Have a read to understand the different materials I use.



This is 100% real wood. If you love quality, you'll want products made from hardwoods. However hardwoods are very expensive and I only use them for high end pieces where absolute quality is paramount.


This is the type of wood I use for most my products. It has a layer of hardwood on the outside and MDF on this inside. This gives us the look and feel of hardwoods, but with a considerable cost savings. For most products this is the perfect balance. Good quality veneer will have a coating on the outside to give a smooth finish without any need for painting.


Plywood is sturdy and reasonably weather resistant, but has a slightly rougher finish. This roughness can be good in some circumstances where slipperiness is not desired. Plywood is easy on the budget and is good for things like coasters and outdoor signs.


MDF is the most budget friendly wood available. It is not as sturdy as other woods, but it great for things like indoor signs and boxes where budget is more of a concern. The downside to MDF is that it may warp and stain when wet.



Most people would call this plastic. It is sturdy, easy to clean, looks great and has plenty of colour options. The only downside is that it does not have the same classic and rustic look of wood.