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Who Are You?

Hey there! The name's David Wilson and everything you see on this website is hand made by me. I started doing this to fulfil my own needs, however I quickly learnt that there were people out there who also wanted to products that were customised for them.

What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

The majority of my products are made from American and Australian timbers. I selected these timbers after lots of trial and error because they are sturdy and have a good quality finish. I try to avoid sourcing materials from other countries, however some products do require parts from there.

How do you make your products?

Each product is firstly designed on a computer. Then, I prepare the wood by apply masking tape. Next, I send the design off to a laser cutter. The laser cutter then starts the cutting and engraving process. Once this is complete I peel off the masking tape and put the pieces together. Sometimes I will need to glue or tie some pieces together. Finally I apply a clear coat and it’s ready to go!

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Product?

Each product is made on demand. In most cases I can make and send the product out within 1-3 business days. However some products require extra care and may take longer. Production times are noted against each item.

Can You Make A Completely Custom Product For Me?

Get in touch if you'd like something made up just for you. I'll do my best to help you out. Please note that the initial cost of designing and producing an item can be very high, so it may not be feasible in some cases.

Do You Offer Refunds?

I am a fair person and I want to help out my customers as much as possible. In most cases refunds are accepted. Just contact me before sending it over.

Is There Any Warranty?

There is 1 year warranty for all products. I'll do my best to help you out regardless if you are within warranty or not.

Why Do Your Products Cost More Than Others?

There's a-lot that goes into crafting a product and there are many ways to lower the cost of production. Where possible, I do try to keep prices down, however I am fussy with my materials and I do not like using cheap materials that won't last. I also include customisation with all of my products which does drive up the price a little bit. However I feel this is why you would want to buy from me, rather than a bulk producer as I can make something unique to you. Finally, there are various grades of timber around. The cheaper ones warp, have a rough finish, and generally look cheap. Pay close attention to the quality of materials used when comparing prices.

Can I Pick Up Locally?

Pickup is available from Parramatta NSW 2150 Australia. As this is not my main source of income, pickup is only available after-hours (8pm+ weekdays & most weekends) by appointment.